Paragon Cafe – Goulburn

Goulburn cafe with Uniwell POS system


The Paragon Café is a very large 200 seat restaurant that provides breakfast lunch and dinner, and prides its self on supporting a very extensive menu. The paragon is licensed and provides a range of beer spirits and wine .Order Dockets had a habit of getting lost, with the restaurant loosing valuable sales as a result.


The Uniwell hand held android based ordering system, ‘Phoenix’ is loaded onto three tablets and with 3 Uniwell HX-4500 terminals, at the maitre’d stations. There are two kitchen printers, and two drinks printers. Orders taken at the table, are automatically printed out for preparation.

This drastically increase the speed and efficiency of the ordering process. With dedicated people taking orders and the same for meal delivery. Although bills can be finalized at the table on the ‘handheld’, all bills are finalized at the main cashier station.

All programming and price changes can be on any one of the terminal and sent through to the other terminals on the network, and The Phoenix handhelds can be updated in seconds.