Bernie’s Diner – Moss Vale

Moss Vale cafe diner


Despite the reliance on a traditional docket system that they were comfortable with; the owners of Bernie’s Diner were mindful of the limitations it posed. In this industry time is of the essence.


In order to achieve the efficiency needed an automated kitchen/drinks printing solution was the only option. Using the Uniwell UP-88 Thermal Printer, orders are directly routed to the preparation area. All the information needed to complete the order is included in the printout including the Customer’s name.

Where previously orders were hand written and, in some cases, needed to be explained to the Chef, all of the ordering process is now automated. Staff are able to function at their work station without any time lost to delivering and explaining orders. Ordering is also enhanced by a fully integrated Credit Card Transaction process; whereby the sales total (on the POS) is automatically exported directly to the EFTPOS terminal – no chance of operator error.